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RC-Model Flight

The RC model flight is an exciting topic for many people. The interest in flying an aircraft or helicopter by oneself is huge. With us, you can fulfil your wish within a short time. Choose the best option for yourself between the different courses described ahead. The courses consist of a theoretical and practical part. Depending on the extent of the course, the relation between both parts is split to have the most important part, take off, fly and land an RC aircraft or helicopter, always in the centre. Benefit from trainers with a decade of practice. The students can decide if they would like to get trained by aircrafts provided from Luftprofile GmbH or if they wish to bring their own model. In any case our trainers will provide the safety of the aircrafts. Do not wait too long and soon you will be able to control an RC aircraft by yourself.


Practice makes perfect! Many of our students tell us about their first tries in flying and their enthusiasm for the hobby. But then apprenticeship, job or family cropped up. When you want to continue with your hobby after a long or short time, we bring you back to the remote control and help you to refresh your technical knowledge. In both, RC aircrafts and RC helicopters. Simply choose a date. During your absence from hobby, probably many things have approved. Especially in technology. For example, Lipo battery, 2.4 Ghz remote control units and the powerful brushless motors as well as transmission technology with telemetry and many more innovations. With us, your re-entry into the hobby will work in an easy way. Just take part in one of our one day refreshing courses. We will explain the current technical foundations and new legal bases. Because you already have experience, we can, depending on your knowledge, come to practice faster. Which means that you get the whole control over all control commands on your remote control. But the teacher is still able to intervene when necessary and prevent a crash. If you prefer, we also train you on your own aircraft. We always experience how quickly the first strained facial expression turns into a relaxed and happy face.

Intensive course

If you are ready, we are too. With us, you learn the model flight within two days on a weekend course. It showed up in the past, that the intensive course is only practicable for flying with conventional aircrafts. Therefore, we offer how to fly a helicopter, only in our comfort courses. According to experience, it is useful to were in contact with remote controlled boats or cars before. In our two-day training, you will learn theoretical as well as practical skills. Theory is about the fundamentals of flight physics, model building, German law as well as flying in a club. Of course, practical training is our priority. The goal is to be able to start and land the aircraft at the end of the course. On the way, experienced trainers will accompany you. With the teacher-student-system, the student will get the control commands gas, height, cross and side gradually. When you are in control of one function, you will get the second one. And so on, until you are in control of all four functions. The focus is on take-off and landing as these two manoeuvres determine about the life expectancy of the aircraft. When you possess good cognitive skills, and have a distinctive feeling for technical connections, then the intensive course is the right choice for you. And after two days you will be able to start and land an aircraft safely.

Comfort Course

Take it easy. After the participation at our three-day comfort course, you will be able to fly a model aircraft or model helicopter safely. When you apply for the course, please choose between plane and helicopter. The educational contents are on a theoretical and practical basis. Like the intensive course, the theory has the following content: fundamentals of flight physics, model building, German law as well as flying in a club. But the practical training is the first priority. Our experienced trainers teach you how to fly via the teacher-student-system in a relaxed and coherent way. After the second day, you will probably be able for the first flight without the trainer´s help. The goal for the third day is to demonstrate your skills and get more security. Take-off and landing need a lot of training and routine. You can develop your skills without any risk. A trainer will always be at your side and intervene when necessary. At the end of the third day, you will have gained some hours in flying and will be able to safely start and land an easy training model all alone.

Individual course

If you wish to have a personal and individual training, there is no problem. We fulfil individual wishes and adjust our self to your needs. It does not matter if you are a beginner or intermediate. A trial course, advanced, intensive, or aerobatic flight training. We train you from our training models to large models or ones with jet drive. It often happened that groups applied and distributed their own contest- who will be the first to handle the aircraft on its own. Don´t be shy and ask us for a personal offer.