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Professional - UAS

The use of drones in the commercial sector is becoming increasingly popular and attractive. Drones have already been a very helpful tool in the video and media world for a long time. Recently, the range of applications has been constantly expanded and redefined for technical applications. Which means, that laws and rules undergo a constant change and the requirements for commercial pilots is growing. Without the certificate of qualification drone pilots are not allowed to start a drone with a weight from 2kg. Within our three-day training course, the participants will be educated in theory and practice for the requirements of a responsible drone pilot. The content is discussed and verified by the air traffic authorities. After the course participants will receive a certificate of qualification which entitles them to fly drones with a weight from 2 kg. We will get you to your goal!


In our professional UAS training, we impart the whole range from theoretical basics, which are relevant for UAS. During the three days we provide the following topics. In the end, you have the chance to get a UAS certificate after you passing the examination.

  • UAV technology
  • UAV equipment
  • Technical handling
  • Air law
  • Airspace
  • Meteorology
  • Flight management
  • Data protection
  • Navigation
  • Knowledge from practice


Now it is getting serious. Theory meets practice. Our experienced pilots will teach you via the teacher-student-system first. So you have nothing to fear about. The teacher can intervene at any time and prevent damage to material and people. Gradually you will get all control commands like gas, pitch, roll and yaw. Until you are able to control all functions without a trainer. It is essential that you have control of the drone in the manual mode. Without any assistance systems. Therefore, we arrange a training course which you have to fly through. However, in the last section we will show you the most common assistance systems. These can simplify things but are still only add ones. The pilot must have control over the drone all the time and must be able to intervene when it may be necessary. We prepare you for the suitability for the daily use as a commercial drone pilot and looking forward to your attendance.


Hardly anyone would come up with the idea of driving a taxi without a licence or to control a passenger plane without a pilot´s licence. That you have to attend a training school and pass the required exams should be clear for everyone. From October 2017, the same applies for pilots who want to use a drone with a weight of 2kg and more. Therefor we leant our content of teaching in theory and practice against existing standards for apprenticeships of aviation staff. At the end of our three-days course, you will have a theoretical and practical examination. Like aviation- but with content specific for commercial drones. With that, you can proof a solid education and be able to handle a heavy drone in a safe and responsible way.