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Certificate - UAS

Since April 2017, drone pilots which want to fly drones with more than 2 kg take-off weight, have to become a certificate. The contents from that certificate are defined from the German aviation authority. The Luftprofile GmbH is a recognised drone school and is able to train people who wants to get a permission to fly with heavy drones.


Drone pilots who want to fly a drone with 2kg and more need a certificate of qualification. This requires a professional education concept on a high-quality level. With aeronautical authorities and experienced trainers, we created an extensive programme for our students. The following topics provide the content.

  • Air law
  • Meteorology
  • Technical handling
  • Navigation


After the training program you will be prepared for the test with 50 questions. You need 37,5 points (75 %) to past the test. If you reach 50% to 75%, you get the chance to become the certificate via an oral exam. How you can see, the examination is designed to own the certification.