Drohnen von DJI, Yuneec und Mikrokopter, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, S1000, Inspire 2

Basic - UAS

We are happy about everyone who, more or less, occupies oneself with drones or multicopter. Everyone who would like to fly a drone must be aware about his rights and responsibilities. These are the rules everyone must stick to- no matter if you are doing this as a hobby or a professional. This is where our experienced trainers from Luftprofile GmbH come into play. We will explain these rules and provide you with all relevant knowledge in theory and practice in our one-day training. It provides you with security and the basis for the most important- enjoying the amenities of drones. Look forward to an exciting and eventful day. We are looking forward to you!


In our training programme, we have summarized all relevant fields and topics for you. In a pleasant and plain way, we will introduce you to the most important ones. We realise theory in a casual atmosphere and give you an understanding of the topics listed below:

  • Air law
  • Authorisation procedure
  • UAV construction
  • UAV technology
  • Meteorology
  • Data protection
  • Knowledge from practice

At the end of the course you will receive a confirmation of participation and are prepared for a safe handling of a drone.


The basis for safe flying is the theory. Only theory creates the understanding of what is possible in practice- and what is not. At the end of the day, you will be able to manual control a drone. The manual control commands consist of four functions: Gas, Right/Left, Back/Forth, Rotate around own vertical axis left/right. During a flight, all four functions must be controlled. Therefor it depends on the coordination of the different control commands. Our trainers taught a lot of enthusiastic students how to fly. Over the so called “teacher-student-system” you will practice the different control commands- step by step. The trainer can intervene at any time and prevent damage at the material or people. In the first lesson the trainer will hand over one control command to the student- for example gas. The trainer manually supports all other commands. Not until the student is safe in using one command he will get another. And so on. Until he has control over all four functions. At the end of the day, the student has control over the drone in a manual mode. Everybody can achieve every goal of our training- no matter what age or previous knowledge.

Test flight

“No one is born a master”. This wisdom is almost annoying when it comes to get the first own air model into the air and then safely land it. After the first tries, there is usually a break and you have to spend hours to repair it. When you attended our course, you will avoid these personal setbacks. In addition to that, you also saved time, money and a lot of nerves. With us, you experience the indescribable feeling of untroubled flight training- without sweat or the fear of a crash- but with a lot of fun. Examination- a word which is mostly pre-occupied with negative feelings from school. You do not have to endure an examination but a test flight. We wish that you have a good and safe feeling for your first flights alone, which you will do at the end of the course. We will check everything with you again and then you show us in your test flight that you have control over your aircraft in the manual mode.