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Applications - UAS

You would like to better yourself in theory, practice or specific fields of application? Then you are exactly right with us! Both, for our former professional course graduates as well as experienced drone pilots, we offer upgrading courses. The trainers of Luftprofile GmbH are specialised in various fields and provide you with relevant knowledge in the specific courses. This is about appropriate equipment and practical examples of use. The trainers know exactly what is important and have great experience in the specific fields of application. We will make you a specialist and train you with “big equipment”. Set yourself apart from the crowd and use your knowledge profitable for yourself and others.

Specific fields of application

We offer these training units for advanced drone pilots who already have the appropriate experience in handling a drone. Usually these are pilots who already use their drones commercially and want to expand their service. Our trainings in the specific fields of application are the shortcut to your new business model, so to speak, when it comes to knowledge and techniques. We offer extensive educational concepts for specific fields of application and certain audiences. With us, you are a pioneer when it comes to different fields of application with UAV systems

  • Topographical survey with drones
  • Agriculture with drones
  • Thermal imaging with drones
  • FCamera and video technology with drones
  • Flying with race-copter


Examination in theory and practice- according to the principles of aviation and balanced on the interests and principles of UAV pilots. Training will take place among real conditions- with the security of an experienced trainer next to you. For the examination, we make a step further. We will evaluate your test flight afterwards. Thereby you get a feeling of where you are in terms of knowledge and ability. For the quote and realisation of professional services with drones, the result is the essential criterion. We help you to achieve this goal!