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A solution that perfectly complements the classical approach: digital building documentation with aerial photography and short video clip sequences. By way of detailed aerial shots, which can show the various stages of the intended project, it is possible to determine the exact location of cables and pipes. Thus it is also much easier to recognise and identify potential sources of damage. We have already spoken elsewhere of the benefits – what are they? We offer you a comfortable and safe cloud service, which enables everyone involved in the project to review and comment on the photographic data, irrespective of location and time. Are you interested in further services? That’s no problem for us! We gather the photogrammetric data from the ground as well as from the air to produce a 3-D model of the site area, or calculate the volume of earth mass movements. Would you like a complete development of the building documentation done by an experienced professional? Or should it be a time lapse film of the whole project? All that is possible! Our motto is: Professional solutions for every type of project. That is what makes the difference, and is one of the core benefits that you receive from us! Together with our experienced surveying partners and artisan builders, we can realise almost every wish!

Time line

You can choose a reporting interval, for example weekly, monthly or whatever you suit your needs. In order to enable exact repetitions of the photo flights, we record and save the GPS-Positions of the initial flight. These positions are the ones we use on the repetition flights in the same elevation and with the same camera adjustments. The identical angles of view provide the visual data basis for controls, as well as for interim acceptance and final acceptance stages of the various building phases. Alternatively, they can serve as the evidence for the enforcement or dismissal of defects, damages or legal claims.

Cloud service

Aerial pictures – Both still shots or video sequences allow views of building processes as was never previously possible. They give people acquainted with the area, and who are involved in the construction project, a precise overview of the location and the project. You yourself decide on the extent, quantity and type of documentary pictures. The more pictorial data that is collected in the course of the project, the more you will appreciate our cloud services. The cloud service permits that all involved persons can view the pictorial material, even if far removed from the site, and can easily exchange them and communicate with their colleagues. Ordered according to areas of expertise, damage or date, archiving of the data material is possible over years.

Time lapse

It´s Magic – In Seconds your construction project appears before your eyes. Firmly installed cameras can record the progress of the construction work at pre-arranged intervals – hour by hour, day by day from the first sod turning until the handing over of the keys. That’s how expressive time laps pictures and unique video sequences are created.

Complete - project processing

Project service on all levels and from A to Z. This Philosophy corresponds to our understanding of providing service. As our customer, you compile the services into a package and we organise the professional execution and delivery. In those areas where we have the professional ability, we deliver ourselves. Wherever we cannot provide our own standard of quality, we cooperate with our professionally competent partner network. Do you lack the capacity for the complete processing of the documentation of buildings? For these demanding operations, we can provide you with in-house caretakers with over 30 years experience. If you like, we can provide a content editing and impressive short film sequence of your construction project, and if required, with a voice-over recording.