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Inspection and Aerial Surveying

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Drones, also known as UAVs (Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicles) or Multicopters, have been utilized as multifunctional aircraft for some years and have become established in use for surveying buildings and other projects. In order to achieve a quick overview of the condition of buildings for example, innovative artisans already utilize drone technology. For the technical inspection of buildings and technical plant construction, as well as for measurement and survey services, more is required than just a “small drone with a camera“! We have professional drones at our disposal, which are equipped with high resolution digital cameras. The Luftprofile team is specialized in the production of high quality aerial pictures and film and the recording of flight sensor data. Our pilots and camera operators have an “eye“ for the detection of technical details and exercise supreme control of the drone even in manual flight modes. For you, this means solution oriented completion of the contract from A-Z. Only producing “nice pictures“ on a CD is not sufficient. You will receive from us a complete solution in the planning, accomplishment, contract results, and presentation. This applies also in realms that extend far beyond the actual creation of aero-photography. Speak to us about your intentions – we have the appropriate solution!


It would not be fair to quote standard prices considering the variety of technical options and levels of services offered. Of course we only want to charge the value of the service offered. How do we calculate that? Firstly, the professional and safe realisation, the long term experience, the camera and drone equipment, the project size and the creativity and exclusivity required by your project is considered. You can find price ranges based on recent projects in the list below. Not included are potential travel costs. Of course we provide an individual, transparent and free-of-charge offer based on your requirements.