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Racing movies

With the production of so-called racing movies, we give your project a special touch. High-speed, precision and dynamic – redefined. With our race copters, we realize unforeseen camera movements and action-packed scenes. The small dimensions enable our pilots to fly almost through and along anything. Our experienced pilots practise very often and participate in international drone races. There are nearly any limits for creative camera movements. Experience the advantages of these tracking shots and race scenes – we give your project a special touch and make it an absolute eye catcher.


There are a lot of capabilities for using race copter. They can be for example:

  • Monuments
  • Landmarks
  • Industry
  • Companies
  • Real estates
  • Attractions

Slow & Motion

It is a combination of a fast and a steady camera flight. The viewer can decide between the rapid and the aesthetic movie via a keyboard. That makes the movie individual and more interesting for the users. This technic gives additional impressions from the camera object and is a guarantee for a higher reputation. The rate of shares and likes is higher than by conventional movies.

Drone races

Our drone racings are famous for its action. When you want to have an exciting movie, a drone racing makes it possible. Several race copters are flying during your scenery. We are switching between ground and drone cameras to give the movie a race character. After the postproduction, the movie seems to be like a real air race. It is also possible to add some special effects in the postproduction. Such movies have a high potential for image films and make companies etc. more attractive.

Point of view

Today it is difficult to profit from real captured movies. With our point of view (POV) flights, the viewer enjoys a new dimension from a real onboard perspective and flies during the scenery like in a computer game. Our trained pilots make this flights authentic and real. There are only limits in the storyboard, not by the race copters and pilots. In the end, you can decide how you want to create your movie. We have a lot of experience and help you by producing such creative and incredible films.