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Corporate video

Customers buy emotions and decide by gut instinct. Nothing is more important than the public image of the product or company. Communicate in an attractive way what makes your company or product special. We create exactly the corporate video you need. Planning, production and postproduction with sense and mind. According to a prior agreement with you, we design an individual story for your project or company. Depending on the requirement we produce unique air ore ground pictures and videos as well as interviews. Media surveys show that customers are positive and excited when a corporate video includes aerial photography. That is why we use them purposefully for every project. Our post producers make sure that the final film evokes euphoria and enthusiasm. If required, we add a voiceover to your corporate video. Therefore, we mobilise trained speaker in a professional recording studio. Address your potential customers with your own corporate video.


For the creation of a corporate video a composition between emotions and information content is really important. For this reason we will meet you before the production of your video and create a packing story with you. Besides, we gather impressions of your stuff and customers to get an overall impression of your company. We collect your logo, writing, colours and charts previously, so that we can adapt the corporate video to your CI. Afterwards we create the scenario. If that gets approve from you we immediately start with the production and realize your personal, functional and emotional corporate video.


The cooperation between director, operator, lightning technician and audio engineer is very important. Our well-rehearsed team realizes the nicest and most exciting scenes. Always with the goal to bring the ensemble between camera movement, lighting and sound recording in perfect unison. Furthermore, we realize interviews and supply extras if required. Our first priority is the authenticity. That is why we pay attention to every little detail and use appropriate requisites. In a modern cooperate video drone photography should not be missing. We make your corporate videos unique with our special aerial pictures and videos. With our drones it is possible to get very different angles of view. There is no limit in creativity. We own a wide range of technology and realize your project with first class equipment up to cinema quality.

Postproduction & speaker

In the postproduction the created footage material will be composed to a conclusive corporate video. You decide if you want it in full HD or 4k. In a professional sound and editing studio we create the perfect overall package with the right cuts, digital post-processing and musical setting. If required, we realize customized digital special effects. We are also able to dub special sounds or record whole musical compositions. Besides, we have recording cabins where we record voice-overs for your corporate video by experienced speakers and commentators.