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360-degree photography becomes more and more appreciated. We offer a wide range of applications. The trouble-free illustration facilities via VR-glasses and mobile devices make 360-degree photography increasingly attractive. With our exclusive own constructions we realize 360-degree pictures and videos from the ground or the air – even live if you want. We arrange the cameras in a way that no parts of the drone or other disruptive parts of the equipment are visible on the actual shot. By this, the camera seems to fly freely through the air – pure 360-degree experience! The spectator experiences the surrounding in a completely new way. ”It is great if you do not miss out anything anymore.” By combining multiple cameras we realise a resolution up to 120 Mio. Pixels. That results in crystal clear pictures and videos.


With the 360-degree photography we catch every angle of the scenery. Either with our high definition cameras from the ground station or with our ten GoPros from our drone. Everything is possible in a brilliant sharpness. No detail remains unnoticed and the viewer feels right in the middle of all of it. Especially in marketing business, this pays off. The 360-degree technology is very versatile and allows for many creative ideas and realizations in the postproduction. We support you with using this technology.


With our own software we are able to realize 360-degree tours according to the visions of our customers. As a result the user is able to take a look at your place, like in Google street view. We also realize your special wishes and integrate it into the tour. This can include more videos, pictures, information, animated areas, layouts, sounds or other ideas. Especially outdoors, the inclusion of Google Maps is useful. So the viewer knows were he/she is situated at any time.


The 360-degree technology opens new possibilities and enables the viewer to take part in the event interactively and from any perspective. We realize your 360-degree short movie and make your project special. With ground stations as well as with drone cameras we realize the greatest pictures and videos. In the postproduction we put together the single shots, integrate special effects and combine the pictures and videos with music. The generation of the 3D sound is carried out in a certified studio.


The journey starts here and we lead the train. If you plan a big event, the number of local participants is limited. Mostly it is not possible for the majority of fans and enthusiastics to participate in the live event. Nevertheless the desire to take part in the event is high. Preferably as realistic as possible. We satisfy this desire with the 360-degree technology. We combine the required equipment with manpower so that you can share your event with the enthusiastic public live from any angle. 360-degree photography is the measure of all things and makes fans and curious people from all over the world take part in your event.


Drones play an important role in the realization of 360-degree photography. A critical advantage is that the carrier, the drone, is not visible in the picture after the postproduction. It feels like the camera would fly in the air without any help. With our own construction we are able to carry up to ten GoPros on different drone systems. This guarantees a universal and flexible use. We look forward to presenting you our professional 360-degree pictures and videos from the air which highlight your surroundings.